Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Charles James

When I was attending the School of Fashion Design in Boston Ma, I often dreamed of making gowns as exquisite as Charles James. My focus while there was couture evening and bridal wear. Charles James was what I considered an obsessive designer. He was America's first couturier. His most recognizable gown, was the "4 Leaf Clover" Ball Gown. Produced in white silk satin, black silk velvet and white silk faille. It is an architectural dream that one would strive a lifetime to achieve with 20 plus layers of lining, interlining, interfacing and boning. It is dressmaking, transformed to an art. After hours of study, I never tire of it.

Interior detail shot, the best kind.
side view
front detail

The famous Cecil Beaton photo of ladies socializing in their James gowns.

Friday, August 6, 2010


Sometimes photos make it onto my desktop because they just make me happy. Brigitte Bardot running on the beach, a rare overtly sexy Katherine Hepburn, frilly victorian pantaloines, pretty sculptured dresses, and the coveted Valentino bow clutch(which looks fantastic under the arm). All special and unique in the happiness they deliver to the eye. I hope your eye agrees.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

GE Monitor Top Refrigerator

I've been daydreaming about a circa 1930s GE Monitor Top Icebox. Even though I always think of myself as more comfortable with the 40s and 50s eras, this fridge has caught my fancy. I love the shape, it's awesome front door, and the neat motor on the top design. The pickle is, it's freezer is big enough for exactly two ice cube trays. That being said, we still need a modern fridge as a back up. Let's be serious, we all enjoy a frozen pizza or frozen delight from Trader Joe's now and again.