Monday, November 15, 2010

I Love a Wedding!

I love to look at wedding photos, I'm not that particular about who is in them. I read the wedding and celebration section of the NYTimes every week. I studied Bridal and Evening wear while at the School of Fashion Design, and white is one of my favorite (non) colors. I love seeing every bride's interpretation of her day in the spotlight. Hillary and Bill Clinton's daughter Chelsea was married this summer, and I've only seen a few photos, but I have to say, Chelsea was a gorgeous bride, but Hillary was a show stopper in that Oscar de la Renta gown. I think it's the prettiest she has ever looked.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Secret Show

We are sooo excited about "Secret Show" from Imaginary Friends Productions. They may be imaginary to some, but our dear friend Alexandra Polk did some of the costume work, and her brother-in-law (Joel Sebastian) was one of the masterminds behind the project. Words are not enough to describe, watch, and you will not be disappointed.

I can't get enough of this video, and am anxiously awaiting a full length version. Please share and repost.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Favorite Things

With the mid-term elections over, I breath a sigh of relief that the negativity is behind us, and we can move forward to a more productive and positive few months. At least until Congress is back in session.

I wanted to write a blog about favorite things. Things that just make me happy. Perhaps they make you happy too.

warm blue ocean water
birds in a nest for breakfast
chanel lipstick
a well turned hem
vintage jewelry paste or real
warm showers
fresh crisp sheets
making fresh jam and pickles
duvet comforters
vintage table clothes with appliques
riding my bike
the smell of baby powder
a good knife in the kitchen
happy memories of an old friend
loving my husband
a new old song
dancing and knowing the steps
the new york times
fage yogurt
listening to KPCC on the vintage radio/record player
morning french press coffee with cinnamon
thanksgiving dinner
pool parties with the girls
fluffernutter sandwiches
down duvet and feather pillows
laughing with abandon
vintage shopping
flea markets
photos of times and places i wish i had been
macintosh products
text messages
dior mascara
the new yorker
cheese, in all it's glorious incarnations
dirty martinis
the feeling after you've gone to the gym
silverlake reservoir
fall leaves in New Hampshire
fresh maple syrup
picking apples
essie nail polish in fish net stockings and
turquoise and cacos
my Dad's cooking
the smell of tomatoes in the garden
memories of the backyard farm
swimming in the kangamangus river
fresh pineapple
birds in all their wonderful shapes and sizes
new shoes
the jon stewart show
cast iron skillets
my juki DDL-8700(with CP-160)
alden mason
craftsman houses
summer weather
dental floss
vintage silver flatware to use everyday
electric kettles
mason pearson hairbrushes
spanish style houses
girls night
coke a cola
finding a bobbin wound in the color you need
wedgewood china
hoodsie cups
griffith observatory
the charles river
my cousin neil's artwork
a new old vintage dress
honey bees
organized closets
asparagus on the grill with olive oil
all the places i have been...

Library of Congress

Melrose, LA Juke Joint photo by Marion Post Wolcott
4th of July Celebration, photo by Marion Post Wolcott
Mrs. Viola Sievers Clinton, Iowa photo by Jack Delano
Washington DC, Shulman's Market photo by Louise Rosskam
Belle Glade, FL Juke Joint photo by Marion Post Wolcott
White Plains, GA photo by Jack Delano
School Children San Augustine County, TX photo by John Vachon

There are some images that I cannot absorb enough of, I came across this cache of photos from the Library of Congress, and they immediately captured me. I feel inexplicably connected with different historic events in time. Part of me is drawn towards the black community, in most eras of United States history. I could attribute part of that to having been raised by a very old fashioned black man, or simply, I have great empathy for their history, and a deep love of their culture.
These color! photos were all taken from 1940-1944 by various photographers in different parts of the country. There were more to the cache, but I'll save those for later. These are my personal favorites, and I wish I could have them grouped together in beautiful archival prints on my walls, as they should be seen.

All photos property of the Library of Congress