Thursday, November 4, 2010

Library of Congress

Melrose, LA Juke Joint photo by Marion Post Wolcott
4th of July Celebration, photo by Marion Post Wolcott
Mrs. Viola Sievers Clinton, Iowa photo by Jack Delano
Washington DC, Shulman's Market photo by Louise Rosskam
Belle Glade, FL Juke Joint photo by Marion Post Wolcott
White Plains, GA photo by Jack Delano
School Children San Augustine County, TX photo by John Vachon

There are some images that I cannot absorb enough of, I came across this cache of photos from the Library of Congress, and they immediately captured me. I feel inexplicably connected with different historic events in time. Part of me is drawn towards the black community, in most eras of United States history. I could attribute part of that to having been raised by a very old fashioned black man, or simply, I have great empathy for their history, and a deep love of their culture.
These color! photos were all taken from 1940-1944 by various photographers in different parts of the country. There were more to the cache, but I'll save those for later. These are my personal favorites, and I wish I could have them grouped together in beautiful archival prints on my walls, as they should be seen.

All photos property of the Library of Congress