Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Some days are more difficult than others, and often it's perplexing as to how something as simple as purchasing home owners insurance should be the most vexing and exhausting of tasks.

My old friend Amy, posted a Laura Veirs video today (the one you see above) and it was amazing on so many levels. It was a good reminder of how much I love and adore Ms. Veirs music. The video to go with- bullseye with the vintage footage, and a trained deer. How can that not brighten your day? Mostly though, it reminded me of Maury, who introduced me to Laura Veirs, by playing her album over and over again one Sunday night while we were having our (usual) dinner. I remember being annoyed by the song "Cool Water". He laughed and said she was great. We took one another's music likes seriously, and with coaxing of borrowed cd, I was hooked.

I still love the music, and I feel like Maury would be happy to know that she's still on a very regular, top 10 music list rotation. August 5th it will be three years since he passed away suddenly, unexpectedly. A cruel theft. Days like today seem to touch on reminders of how much I miss him. I wish I could call where ever he was, (I'm waiting for the app). They also remind me of how much he added to my life. With music, food, and mostly, the loyalty of friendship. It helps put home owners insurance in perspective.