Thursday, July 22, 2010

House House.

A couple of weeks ago I posted about how frustrated we were with the Los Angeles housing market. That day, I had gone to see two houses. One was a vintage home, but had been so redone it retained none of the charm. The other was a 1929 Spanish style house I had been quietly coveting, and upon seeing it, it delivered, in a big way. I was already pretty sure we wouldn't get the house, since it had two offers in, and we are always outbid. This time would prove to be different. Unexpectedly, we won the counter offer, thanks to our amazing lender Prospect Mortgage Company and agents The Improtas. They chose us because we had a better lender. They say it matters who you work with, and they are right. We feel really lucky, and so very grateful.

Well, here we are two weeks later, after a full inspection, and some nail biting wait times, as we go through two different appraisals to appease the powers that be, or rather, FHA. It's pretty much all ours now, we just have to finish signing our life away. As promised, we already love it like crazy. We are sooo looking forward to calling North Hollywood our home. Let the packing begin!