Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Old 97s and some parking lot sewing

A good seamstress can sew on the go...and yes, that's my lucky Yale School of Nursing Pencil.

Black Fabric, with a little texture and shine. Turquoise and Caicos by Essie, is my new favorite nail polish color.
Today I handed off some custom shirts for the Old 97s photo shoot. Our lovely model, Grey DeLisle is married to Murry Hammond (sorry boys, she's taken). We've made a few shirts for Murry, and Grey called us about a week ago and asked if we would like to make a few shirts for the boys. Well, who can say no to that? The direction was, 60s inspired fabric, oh, and something black. Off to downtown to hunt and gather.
Everything was going swimmingly, until I messaged to set up a drop off time, and found out that the shoot was moved up by 4 precious days. eek! This kind of thing happens, so grace under pressure, and a couple of late nights sewing, and all was done. Except for the buttons. Oddly enough, for men's wear, it is proper to use a 4 hole button as opposed to a 2 hole button. Blast! I only had 2 hole buttons. Off to downtown to my favorite tailoring supply shop.

I bet you've been wondering, where does the "to go sewing kit" come into play? Well, funny you should ask, I picked up the buttons on the way to rendez vous with the stylist, Johnny. This left me nowhere to fasten the buttons on, except in my car. So I sat in the parking lot in noisy, hot downtown, doing what I love, sewing buttons. It's the kind of stuff that happens when you are a costume designer, or under a tight timeline.

I'll keep you posted on the photo shoot, and any pictures. xo